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Mme. Elena Ungureanu
Welcome to grade 4/5 French Immersion! I am happy to be your child’s teacher this year!! I’m looking forward to working with both you and your child to ensure they get a strong education and enjoy learning! This is my 7th year teaching in Canada and my first full year at Glenbow Elementary. Ways to keep updated about what do we do in school and in class: child’s agenda and weekly through the Bloomz newsletter . You can also reach me at or by calling 403-932-4922 I trust that we will have a fantastic year! Elena Ungureanu
Mrs. Simoongwe
Ms Millenaar
Ms Smith
Jade Azzaria-Byrne
Mrs. Eliscupides
Mrs. Jensen
Use this webpage to find additional information to supplement learning and to find links to important sites that will be used during the year. A weekly 'What's Up' will also be sent to parent emails every Friday. As always, please feel free to contact me by phone at 403-932-4922 or via email at if you have any further questions.
Mrs. Partlo
Mrs. Cote
Kim Penner
Mrs. Gaudet
Mrs. Morrison and Mrs. Courage
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Rebecca Fairweather
Ms. Millenaar
Mme Foley
Mrs. Weinert (AM)
Mr. Groeneveld
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