Mrs. Rose

I am very excited to be your child’s teacher this year!!!!! We are ready for a fantastic year full of exploring, creating and learning!! My background experience includes special education and early childhood. I believe in creating a loving, caring community of learners while building a strong, confident literacy foundation for your child! Communication is Key!! Please do hesitate to contact me at or call at 403-932-4922. Here are some ways we build literacy and promote sharing of your child's learning:

  • We have a weekly Home Reading program.
  • We share weekly events in 'My World News' program. (begins end of October)
  • We dig deep into a topic with a yearly Inquiry Project to be determined by the class.
  • We take time to celebrate each child with the 'Citizen of the Week' Program. (January start).
  • We have a weekly spelling program with MacCracken Word Families. (weekly word list emailed)
  • We have a weekly word problem to solve to build numeracy skills.
  • Children can share their reading skills with you on Raz Kids (begins mid October)
  • Children can share their numberacy skills with you on Mathletics.


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