Gr. 1 Helpful Websites

General Websites


A & E Television Network BIOSearch - searchable database of 25,000 names from A & E Television (Sponsored by Picture Window Books)

History Channel - encyclopedia information as well as video and audio


Language Arts


Scholastic for Kids - activities based on Scholastic books

Aesop's Fables - 100+ fables in full text

American Folklore - access to American, Latin American and Canadian folklore, tall tales, and myths and legends

Classical Mythology - information on Roman and Greek mythology





Cool Math 4 Kids - math site designed for kids

Kids Numbers - math website for kids to learn math step by step

Math is Fun - learn about money and data; play puzzles and games

Fun Mathematics Lessons by Cynthia Lanius - learn about graphing, shapes, ratios, and money - the Internet Public Library's links to math sites for kids

IXL Math Practice - math skills practice for Kindergarten - Grade 3




Bill Nye the Science Guy's Online Labs - Bill Nye's fun science lessons

National Geographic Kids - features different people, animals, and places each month with facts, games, activities, and related links

Girl Start - math, science, games and more for girls

Astronomy for Kids - explore astronomy and outer space topics

How Stuff Works - learn how everything you've ever had questions about works
Recycle City - the environmental protection agency's site with games, facts, and activities about recycling

KidZone's Science - kidzone's super simple science section

Wonderville - science games, videos and activities


Social Studies


CIA World Fact Book - flags, maps, population, and facts on all the countries of the world

Countries of the World - information about flags, government, geography, people, and economies from around the world

World Press - current events from the world's newspapers and magazines



San Francisco Symphony: Excellent resource for music terms and activities related to Gr. 1 Music Curriculum



BBC Music:

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