Learning Links

Art Resources

National Gallery of Art for Kids

National Gallery of Art - Education Page

ArtEdventures - Lesson plans and ideas from Sanford

The Incredible Art Department

ArtJunction - A collaborative art space for teachers and students

The Renaissance Collection - Interactive educational website

The Imagination Factory - Art made from recycles materials.

History Channel - Classroom Ideas

School Crafts

The Holiday Zone - Seasonal craft Ideas

Kinderart - over 1000 lesson plans and activities for all ages

PBS Teacher Source - Lesson resource with over 4000 activities for all ages

Multicultural, Recycled and Environmental art lesson plans

Art of Many Lands - Multicultural lesson plans

Artists and Art History Lesson Plans - Plans about famous artists for children

Teacher Art Lesson Plans - In association with PBS Nature programs

Crayola Art Education - Lesson plans and ideas

The Magic School Bus Art Gallery

Art Supplies from Dick BLick Art Materials

Art House Co-op

How to Draw a Portrait

Art for Small Hands: In the Style of Vincent van Gogh

Zentangle Mooka - YouTube

Julie Fei Fan Balzer Share Zentangle Tips YouTube

Barn Owl Crafts for Kids

That Artist Woman

Welcome to Arts & Activities Magazine

ARTSEDGE: The Kennedy's Centre for Arts Education

Art21 Online Lesson Library


Acrylics - Basics and Techniques

Simple tips for beginner watercolourists

Toxicity and safety information

Brush Care




Health Links

Help solve real problems by choosing the best advice

Create a coupon for someone

School Nutrition

Science NetLinks:Global Breakfast

Out on a Limb: A Guide to Getting Along

Germs & Handwashing

Hand Hygiene

Gross Bacteria and other Facts

Bacteria- YouTube

Sneezing 101 - YouTube

Flu Attack How a Virus Invades Your Body- YouTube

Understanding the Internet

Help Stop Bullying

Taking Care of Your Teeth

Healthy Food with GoGo

Mission Nutrition



Number Sense

Learn Alberta

IXL Math Practice

Comparing Fractions


Pearson Math Makes Sense Supplements Page

Nelson Math Grade 3

Nelson Grade 3 Web Quests

Alberta Government Practice Tests Quest A+

Learn Alberta Mathematics Glossary

Math Dictionary for Kids (2007)

Illuminations NCTM National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

The Math Playground

I Know That

Grade 3 Math Gizmos

Surface Area



Sustainability Resources

A Guide to Becoming a Tree Hugger

Non-Toxic Home Cleaning

Turn Your House Into a “Green” Energy Machine

Energy Saver Guide: Tips on Saving Money and Energy at Home

Harness the Power of the Sun: The Complete Guide to Using Solar Energy

Composting 101

The Dog Lover’s Guide to Sustainable Living

The Best Protein Choices and Worst for Your Health and the Environment

Home Energy Conservation for Kids

What Can I Recycle?



ULE Links

Ted Talk

Youtube Todd Rose…’myth of the average’

Key Ingredients for Scaling Up Innovative Teaching in our Schools

CEA Videos and Podcasts


ULE Take Ten Series




FNMI Resources

Legacy of Hope

Aborginal Learners


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