Food For Thought Program

Our school’s Food For Thought Program provides nutritious snacks for students all day and is NUT FREE, so all students can access it. 

Food for ThoughtFood For Thought stations are set up in each hallway and consist of dry foods (crackers, cereals, dried fruits, granola, nutrigrain bars etc.) and a cooler with perishables (cheese, yogurt tubes, fruit, vegetables).  

Food for Thought supports the fact that cravings are the body’s way of letting us know what it needs to function.  Our goal is to allow students access to water and nutritious snacks when thirst or hunger hits.  We continue to encourage students to have a bottle of water on their desks.  Water is essential for concentration and mental alertness.  Research shows that your brain needs to be fully hydrated so that the circuitry works well and functions at an optimal level. 

Thanks to a partnership with Breakfast Clubs of Canada, we have expanded our breakfast program and are offering additional choices to fuel up for learning.  We offer breakfast each morning between 8:00-8:15 am at the Tuck Shop.

Breakfast program


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