Student Absences

Please call our absence line at 932-4922 before 8:30 a.m. or 1:00 pm if your child is going to be absent or late.

You will be asked to give your name; your child’s name; your child’s teacher’s name and the reason for the absence. In the event that your child is absent and not accounted for, you will be phoned by our automated call-out system. If your child is going to be away for several days, please let the office know in advance if possible. Teachers appreciate getting a note or phone call from you to explain any special circumstances pertaining to an absence (e.g. lengthy or regular absences).  A note of explanation should also be sent if a child is to be excused from any aspect of the school program on any given day (e.g. physical education, special events, etc.).

Absence Notification

Attendance at school is vital to student learning and overall academic progress.  If a student misses 25% of instructional days, within 4 years s/he will have missed a year of school.  Attendance notification letters are sent to parents for all students missing 20% of instructional days.  Attendance notification letters are sent to parents and Rocky View School Division for students missing 25% of instructional days.

Student Sign In & Out

If you are picking up your child during school hours, we request that you first stop at the school office and pick up a visitor badge. Please pick up your child at the classroom and then return to the office and sign them out. If you are returning your child to school following an appointment, etc. please follow the same procedures. Sign them in and then pick up a visitor badge to use as you escort them to their classroom.

Students are not allowed to leave the school premises at any time unless they:

  • are picked up by the parent(s)
  • are under the direct supervision of a teacher (see Extracurricular Authorization/Waiver Forms)
  • have a note, dated and signed by the parent. We request that permission by parents not be given unless special circumstances exist.
  • live within walking distance of the school and who go home for lunch.
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