Brett Binder Walk and Run

As many families will remember from years past, Glenbow has a long-standing tradition of celebrating the beautiful spring mornings and the ending of another school year with an event we now call the “Brett Binder Walk and Run”. This tradition began 35 years ago and was simply called “Glenbow’ s Walk and Run”. Every morning for two weeks, at the sound of the morning bell, students would leave their back packs and join staff as they walked and/or ran around the school field, collecting a popsicle stick each time they finished a lap. What a fabulous way to start the day and settle the children for a new day of learning during the last two weeks of June.


In 2007, a former Glenbow student named Brett Binder sadly passed away, after a brave battle with cancer. At his funeral, his family spoke so fondly of the “Glenbow Walk and Run”, citing the impact it had on his young life. He was determined every day to collect more sticks than the day before, and he worked so hard to achieve his goal. After the funeral, some teachers were talking about how well Brett represented the spirit of the walk and run. It was about determination, setting goals, working hard, being active and finding enjoyment in the outdoors. So, the name was changed to the “Brett Binder Walk and Run”.


Covid-19 has put a halt to many of the activities that we enjoy at Glenbow School. However, as a school, we would like to keep this tradition alive and well! You can do your part by running, walking, biking, scootering and instead of collecting popsicle sticks, keeping track of your minutes as you go. During the last week of school, you can challenge yourself to go a little further and be active a little longer each day! If you’re the competitive type, challenge a friend or someone in your house to see who can achieve the most minutes by the end of the week. Good luck!


Please follow this link to hear Mr. and Mrs. Binder introduce the Walk and Run.

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