About Our School

Our Motto

" Learning together for a better tomorrow!"

Glenbow School Mission

We engage all learners through meaningful and challenging experiences, preparing  them to understand, adapt and successfully contribute to our changing global community.

As a professional learning community, we believe:

  • All students can learn
  • Every child is unique and will be successful
  • High standards and expectations should be set for each and every child
  • That students will be actively engaged in meaningful learning opportunities

  • In the use of diverse instructional strategies that address multiple learning styles

  • In providing all children equal opportunity and access to quality education

  • In a shared responsibility and focus on student learning

  • We are a school family, where each individual is a valued member of learning community

  • That we will foster a safe and caring environment

  • That the virtues of empathy, conscience, self control, respect, kindness, tolerance and fairness support us become good citizens of Glenbow School

  • Mutual respect and trust support growth and enhance learning

  • In developing leadership capacity where students, staff and parents are involved in the work of leadership

  • On-going professional development focuses on current best practices, collective inquiry and a commitment to school improvement

  • In a collaborative culture where staff work together to pursue common goals

  • That celebration of our achievements and successes will reaffirm our sense of community.

About Our School Logo

What does our logo represent?

1. The blue and green and the arched lines represent the global thinking and the environment.

2. The people getting larger represents personal and community growth.

3. Reaching for the star represents us moving forward to the future and striving to do our best.

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