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To login type in the homeroom teacher's name. Find your name in the class list.


After signing in go to the Online Reference section and scroll down to Bookflix.

Wordsearch Maker

Storyline Online

Into the Book

Into the Book is a great website filled with many reading comprehension strategies and activities.

Spelling City: Practice your spelling words online!

This link will give you nine FREE activities to practice your spelling words. Simply select the current word list from the screen and click on "GAMES" to play!

Math Support

Place Value Practice:

Jump Frog Math Problem:

Measurement Games:

Understanding Measures:

Test your Understanding of Measurement:

Simple Addition Games

Fishing Addition (basic addition facts)

Math Lines (adding 2 numbers to get to ten)

2 Digit Addition Games:

Base Ten Block Game:

The Most Amazing Race (2 digit with regrouping)

Puppy Canoes (2 digit adding with regrouping)

Matching Game (2 digit adding without regrouping)

Soccer Math (2 digit adding with regrouping)

Basket Ball Math (harder 2 digit addition – go to level one only)

Fruit Shoot (level 1 is basic facts level 7 is 2 digit addition)

Space Invaders (Go to Addition Games, Click on A.4, Try Easy or Medium level)

Subtraction Games


2 Digit Subtraction Games

Math Fact Cafe

A website full of practice sheets for home. Great for basic math facts, time and counting money.

AAA Math

A comprehensive website for many of the Grade Three Math strands including place value, addition, subtraction and basic multiplication.

Divison Games

LearnAlberta: Divison Lesson

LearnAlberta: Divison Explorer

Games for Equal Sharing:

Divison Race Practice:

Multiplication Games

New Games:

Clear It!

Array Match

2D Shapes and 3D Objects

2D and 3D Lesson:

Robiods and Shades Escape:

Shapes In Space:


Snowflake Creator

Social Studies

Animals Around the World Research:

Pebble Go India and Peru:

India Information:



Peru Information:



Tunisia Information:



Ukraine Information:

Google Translator:

Continent Games

Learn all the continents and oceans with these games:

World Communities

A great website with basic information about India, Peru, Ukraine and Tusisia.

Traditional Clothing of Ukraine

Traditional Clothing of India

Traditional Clothing of Peru

Traditional Clothing of Tunisia

National Geographic Maps

A site dedicated to online maps. Complete puzzles and games as well as discover the most interesting places on our planet.


Zoo Animal Research:

Pebble Go Website access:

National Geographic Kids:

Amazing Animals Of The World:

Power Knowledge Life Science:

Earth Science Research:

Hearing and Sound Research:

Learning About Pitch- BBC Sound

Changing Sounds- BBC Sound

The Human Ear

Learning More About Sound:

Properties of Materials

Grouping and Changing Materials

Changing Materials Part 2

Testing Materials Lab


Forces and Movement

Forces Lab
This lab simplifies the real-life forces and actions that affect structures, in order to illustrate key concepts.

Building Labs Website


Plant Life Cycle Websites

Holiday Fun Websites

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