21 C Learning

At Glenbow School we are“Learning Together for a Better Tomorrow.” In order for students to not only be successful but also to thrive in the 21st century, we need to adapt to a changing world. How and what we teach has changed as well. We must keep pace and stay relevant to keep students engaged. 21st century learning must be student centered and personalized. Our students use technology to access content, demonstrate mastery, and interact with our world. We provide experiences and opportunities to apply knowledge through meaningful deep, real-­-life learning opportunities.

Students collaborate to solve problems, in a technology rich environment. Creativity, innovation and leadership are fostered. Our school community gives of ourselves through environmental and global stewardship. Glenbow School is preparing our students for their future not our past.

Inquiry Based Learning

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Through the use of inquiry based learning, students are becoming critical, creative and complex thinkers. Students engage in projects that are in-depth studies of concepts, ideas, and interests. Exploration of the natural or the constructed/social world leads the learner to questions and discoveries in the seeking of new understandings. As students construct and co-construct knowledge and problem solve to seek appropriate resolutions to questions and issues they develop the habits of mind to continue the quest for knowledge throughout their lives.

Emerging Technologies

Universal Design for Learning

A wide variety of instructional strategies, materials and assistive technologies are
utilized to facilitate multiple paths for learning and to ensure that all students can21C Pic6
be successful. Differentiation of instruction, recognition of individual learning styles and multiple intelligences, project based/inquiry based learning, and a foundational understanding of brain research are embedded in daily practice and result in facilitating student engagement and providing meaningful learning and demonstration of knowledge. Assistive technology such as alpha smarts, mini laptops, text to speech software, digital recording devices, and augmented communication devices are used to address individual student needs.

Ethical Citizens and Global Stewards

21C Pic7Our Character Education program incorporates school practices that model and reinforce socially responsible and respectful behaviours.  Steven Covey’s, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Kids” and our Virtues Program fosters student leadership and social and emotional learning that has resulted in good citizenship and positive life outcomes.

Environmental Stewardship, Civic Engagement and Global Citizenship

At Glenbow School as we work as a school family and with the community to
understand how the way we live affects our earth both locally and globally.21C Pic8
Glenbow students, staff and parents are committed to helping safeguard the earth and making the changes required to embrace a sustainable future. Local and global issues are topics of inquiry-based study and result in positive actions and meaningful, deep, real-life learning opportunities focused on developing 21st Century skills.

Environmental Action projects include: worm composting in every classroom; the reduction of garbage through “Pack it in pack it out” initiative, recycling program, litterless lunch, and on-going community clean-up; building birdhouses for the local area; energy conservation and water awareness projects; promotion of Glenbow Green Bags and snack packs; Green Start “green house” program for Gr. 4, annual community project “Branches and Banks” tree planting and stream restoration project to enhance and sustain the local environment and the establishment of Cochrane’s first Community Garden Students are active participants in projects that promote responsible citizenship, volunteerism and community service. In addition to the projects outlined above, other activates include:

  • Halloween for Hunger
  • “Children Helping Children” projects
    (ie. helping to build a library at a school Kenya, helping our friends at an orphanage in Kenya)
  • Helping the local Human Society
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