Volunteer Information

The students and staff at Glenbow cannot thank you enough for your time and support throughout the school year.

Parents are always welcome at the school. We encourage you to visit our classrooms and observe student learning in action. However, you must make prior arrangements with the teacher if you wish to visit a classroom or become involved in any of our volunteer programs.

Volunteers: Did you know that we will now require a Mandatory R.C.M.P. Security Check for ALL Volunteers?
Volunteers wishing to help out at Glenbow Elementary School must visit the Cochrane R.C.M.P. office to fill out two forms: “Police Check” and “Vulnerable Sector”.

Volunteering has many advantages for you and our students:

  • Children's self esteem is improved
  • Children are motivated to learn
  • Better achievement levels
  • Awareness of what is happening in school
  • Two-way Communication between the parents and teacher increases.
  • We ask that all adults visiting the school sign in at the office and pick up a visitor or volunteer badge prior to proceeding to a classroom. The sign-in system enables us to verify who is in the school as well as provide a time log of volunteer hours.
  • When you are volunteering please note:
    • Coats can be hung up in the staff room.
    • Coffee/tea is available free of charge to all volunteers. Please help yourself.
    • Fire drill - if you are at the school when a fire drill occurs...upon hearing the continuous bell, you should exit the building. If you are working with a student or group of students, you should assist them in evacuating the building and help them locate their teacher outside. Once outside, you need to check in with the Evacuation Marshall (Principal or designate).


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